Cherry on a Bike


Cherry on a Bike was founded by us when we realized that our passion for fruit, baking and biking could be combined to provide enjoyment to others. We dehydrate fruit with love, with no additives or preservatives. Our baked goods are made from only the best and freshest ingredients, in small batches and from well tested recipes.

The Name

In the summer of 2012 we cycled in Washington, Idaho and Montana and back to Beautiful British Columbia through the high Kootenay Pass. The climb to the pass was hot and long. Luckily we stopped in Creston the night before and picked some Rainier cherries. We filled our pockets with them and the cherry on the bike kept us going all the way to the top. We hope our love of fruit and baked goods will take you to new heights as well.

Picking Rainier Cherries in Creston, BC, Canada

Picking Rainier Cherries in Creston, BC, Canada