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The filling was the best pumpkin pie filling I have ever had! Yummy! (after receiving a special order of four pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving)
GenevieveVancouver, Canada
Maya and Gili have a unique gift to transform simple and healthy ingredients into the most amazing goods you can taste. All the recipes they make have a special and unforgettable flavor. It is hard to select my favourite dessert as I simply love everything they bake!
JulianaCoquitlam, Canada
Gili and Maya’s baking has amazed me on several occasions. Whatever they bring to a potluck or social doesn’t last long before it’s all devoured, leaving people wanting for more. Special tip: Chocolate brownies and – a rare treat – poppy-seed cake.
ClemensVancouver, Canada
Your baked goods changed my life!
KimVancouver, Canada
Cherry on a Bike is a hit at the Westside Community Food Market in Kits!
OliverMarket OrganizerVancouver, Canada
Cherry on a Bike’s pastries, muffins, cakes, challahs, brownies, and most of all crumbles are all out of this world.  I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to try most all of them! With absolutely delicious and original treats, the love and care put into the baking process truly beams through.
OrenGranada, Nicaragua
I was amazed and inspired to see Maya’s and Gili’s collection of recipe books. No wonder they cook such good food.
DonatCoquitlam, Canada
Thank you for listening to my request to bring back chocolate cake yesterday at the farmer’s market. Oh, I love love it so much. So far, all the items I tried are great! Plum cake, dark chocolate muffin, brownie and bread! My partner usually doesn’t want to have any flour and bread, but he loves your Challah. Thank you so much for introducing us to such great baking items. I am looking forward to going the market next Thursday and trying out another pastry.
EmiVancouver, Canada
Maya brought an amazing challah to share! It was AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing some Cherry on a Bike deliciousness with us!
ChristinaVancouver, Canada
Cherry on a Bike knows how to bake with chocolate. Their chocolate baked goods blow my mind away every bite! They manage to get the right balance between the intensity of chocolate and just enough sugar. Give it a try chocolate lovers, you’ll love it!
PascaleVancouver, Canada
I had some of Gili and Maya’s delicious crumble on a hiking trip recently. It was great, not too sweet and it hit the spot just right. Definitely give them a try!
MarcinVancouver, Canada
I tried to do a twelve step problem to curb my Maya/cherryonabike brownie addiction problem but it failed miserably. The only way I’ve managed to treat it is via a substitution regime, alternating with their blueberry pie.
IgnacioVancouver, Canada
I am lucky to be familiar with Gili and Maya’s delicious desserts and creative baked treats and I asked them to make a special cake or fruit pie for my dad’s birthday. Gili suggested a blueberry pie in honour of the season and prepared it for me the same day so it was fresh out of the oven when I received it. It turned out to be the perfect birthday treat, a beautiful pie with incredible pastry and delicious sweet blueberry filling, my family loved it.
MadeleineVancouver, Canada
When Gili and Maya rode their bikes through Central America in 2013, we were lucky enough to have them stop in Granada, Nicaragua, where we live. It was the height of mango season and we gorged ourselves on their absolutely delicious mango inspired and mango filled baked treats. We also loved the dehydrated mangoes and the fresh challah. We can’t wait till they start shipping internationally. We will be the first to order.
Peta & BenGranada, Nicaragua
We loved the brownies. They didn’t last very long after we bought them and we can’t wait to head back to Cherry on a Bike to buy some more.
BeckVancouver, Canada